Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Future of Massage

Since Hippocrates, doctors and other healers have been advocates of massage.  The most basic benefit offered by all types of massage is significantly increased circulation.  When blood is pumped more rapidly through the body many things happen.  Organs do their jobs more efficiently, the nervous system is heightened, muscles are warmed and energized to function better.  There are also a plethora of neurotransmitters released that improve our mood and even help us sleep.  In more skilled massage therapies soft tissue manipulation can reduce and even eliminate pain, bringing healing that often times seems miraculous.  Doctors are prescribing massage therapy with increasing frequency and more progressive insurance companies reimburse their expense.  I believe that one day employers will offer employees massage much as they currently offer them gym memberships and childcare.  Insurance companies will give discounted rates on health insurance to those who get regular massage and lower premiums for companies who provide massage for their employees.  They will realize this small investment will ultimately result in fewer claims filed.  Their clients who get regular massage will have lower blood pressure, better mental health (a big chunk of medical expenses these days, counseling and anti-depressants) and generally speaking healthier bodies and lifestyles.  Spending money now on health and wellness, means spending less money later on diseases and medical care. 

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