Saturday, March 17, 2012

I'm Not Afraid of Needles...

It's smart to be armed with an arsenal of  weapons for healing, and a skilled acupuncturist can be a great asset to your health.  I have had many acupuncture treatments.  Some of them were traditional- the needles were hand placed then topped with lit mugwort.  Other sessions I experienced blended the ancient with the contemporary.  There were scrubs worn, tools to insert the needles, sterile clinic rooms and mood music straight from a Tokyo lounge.

You may be thinking- "I don't care if they wear a banana suit and juggle monkeys as long as it relieves my pain!"  You are wondering if acupuncture is effective, and you may be wondering if it hurts.  These are common questions that I'd like to answer from the knowledge bank of my personal experience.  

Does it hurt?  I've experienced a brief "zing" once or twice, but that is the extent of the pain that I personally have felt.  Usually I don't feel the needle placement at all.  Is it effective?  Definitely.  Maybe not for every condition every time, but what medical treatment is?  I am positive the success ratio of this kind of treatment is superior to that of typical western medicine. 

I once had a muscle injury in my forearm.  There was a golf ball sized swelling midway between my wrist and elbow.  When I pressed down on my palms it felt like the muscle was being stripped from the bone and left a lingering ache in my elbow.  I was even contemplating canceling sessions with my clients that day.  This is something I almost NEVER do.  Certain devout sects do in fact consider it borderline indicative of the apocalypse.  I knew the minute I saw the injury that it needed acupuncture, and sure enough the treatment stopped the pain and reduced the size of the swelling by 50% that day.  By the end of the week it was almost completely normal.

What are acupuncturists like?  I have yet to meet an acupuncturist that chose this field for the money, fame or glory.  They aren't in league with insurance companies, drug companies, or the smarmy guys who lobby in DC to make sure health care legislation is written "the right way."  Acupuncturists are typically caring individuals who provide a treatment that promotes and accelerates healing without the synthetic drugs, the invasive procedures, and the hefty cost we associate with western medicine.
 I recommend Dr. Curtis Webb.  His website is below.