Fertility Massage

Mission Statement

Mercier Therapy provides a safe, gentle, and naturally minded pelvic visceral manipulative technique for women facing fertility challenges, experiencing pelvic pain, recovering from gynecologic surgery, and having undergone traumatic birthing experiences. Our goal is to serve women of all ages—from teens to those going through menopause—who are searching for a more natural approach to a multitude of pelvic issues. Our practices started when we saw that this type of therapy is lacking today. We want to be the first to offer such a unique healing experience. The ultimate intention of Mercier Therapy is to help women navigate their way through infertility and pelvic pain so they can see tangible results. We want to provide a solution that makes sense.

I am a certified Mercier Therapist. 

Jennifer Mercier, Ph.D. is a pioneer in the field of women’s health and specifically concerning fertility issues and reproductive challenges. Jennifer has several years of experience working with Reproductive Endocrinologists and she has monitored IVF cycles from start to embryo transfer.

An IVF cycle can be very costly, rigorous and physically tiring. Many times you’ll need to endure more than one IVF cycle to achieve a pregnancy, therefore Jennifer developed the Shared Journey program so that you are able to help limit your number of cycles. Our therapy protocol is started and finished prior to the stimulation portion of a medically assisted cycle. No work will be done during stim because it could disrupt the process and over stimulate the ovaries causing your cycle to be cancelled. Therefore, making your appointment well in advance of your cycle start is advised. If time is limited than we can wrap up the Shared Journey program within a 3-4 day weekend. Our goal is to help you physically and emotionally so you will enter your cycle with healthy pelvic organs and a healthy mind. Jennifer will help you create a healthy environment within your pelvis to ensure a successful first IVF cycle.

You are encouraged to become educated, explore and better understand your own body’s rhythms prior to going through an IVF cycle. The Shared Journey program will help you recognize natural signs of fertility. Building a solid foundation is a healthy non-invasive solution to many fertility problems.
baby in handsMany women choose the Shared Journey Fertility Program as a stand alone regime for many reasons. One of the most common reasons is that there is little to limited insurance coverage for IUI/IVF or making the choice to go for a more naturally assisted approach.

No matter your choice you’ll always have our support.
Your first visit will include a comprehensive history and evaluation of your pelvic organs and hip/lower back mobility.

The second visit will start the Shared Journey program. Expect to spend 90 minutes for us to explain the Shared Journey supplements and perform your first pelvic therapy treatment. At this time your schedule of therapy sessions are made so please bring your calendar.

We will be teaching you how to monitor your cycles for LH surge so we encourage you to purchase the Clear Blue ovulation predictor strips with the smiley face. These are the best as they are most accurate.

You are never alone in this process….we are always there to answer questions and walk with you through the entire process to a happy and healthy conception.

drnorthrup“Your work is impressive. I mentioned it on my Hay House internet radio show. I love the idea of you doing a documentary on fertility-it’s high time. Blessings.”

~Christiane Northrup, MD

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