Important Policies

Discounts: You may not use more than one discount per session.  For instance if you are using a "boot camp" award you may not also you your birthday credit or an earned loyalty award.  One discount per session please!

Cancellations:  If you cancel WITH proper notification you will retain online scheduling privileges and the value of an award or credit.  If however, you miss a scheduled session with prior notification you will be blocked from online scheduling and required to schedule via a phone call.  You will 50% of the services you missed which must be paid prior to receiving future scheduled services. The policy is fluid. If a client continually misses sessions they may be charged for the full amount of the missed session before they are permitted to reschedule.

Birthday Massages: You are entitles to a free 30 minute massage or half price 60 minute massage which you must redeem within 3 months of your birthday.

Session Length: If you schedule a 60 minute massage I plan to give you a 60 minute massage.  That 60 minutes starts at the time of your appointment.  So if you have an appointment from 11-12, regardless of what time you arrive your massage will end at 12 and you will be charged for the full 60 minutes.  It is a good idea to arrive  about 5  minutes early to get situated unless you are a first time client in which case you should arrive 10-15 minutes early.

New Clients:  If you are coming to see me for the first time and you were not referred to me by one of my currently clients you will be required to show me your government issued photo ID and to prepay for your session.  I ask that you arrive ten minutes before you are scheduled for consultation and paperwork.  If you do not arrive early the time required for paperwork will be deducted from your massage time.

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