What to Expect

New clients please arrive ten minutes early for your appointment to fill out a brief medical history and assess your needs.

All clients should come to massage appointments well hydrated, so please make sure you've been drinking plenty of water.  

If you are not comfortable around dogs please let me know ahead of time.  I have three dogs, Travis who is 80 pounds and blind in one eye, Roxie who is 55 pounds, and Tilly who is 35 pounds.  They will greet you at the door and usually sleep in the massage room.  Please just let them sniff you and I promise they will quickly grow friendly.  They love interacting with clients!

After we fill out any paper work I will show you the restroom and the massage room, and then allow you time to undress and get comfortable on the massage table. 

During your massage you will always be covered with a sheet, and usually with a blanket depending on your comfort.  

 When it comes to undressing, please undress to whatever extent you are comfortable.  Many people wear no underclothes but that is entirely up to you.  You will be draped at all times.

During your massage I will ask you about the pressure and your general comfort.  It is very important to me that you tell me if anything hurts or is uncomfortable.  Temperatures can be adjusted and pressure can be increased or decreased.  Communication is key to getting the most from your massage. 

It is important that you tell me if you have any allergies to any scents, nuts, or seeds- basically anything that could be in a topical massage product.  

Please let me know if you are allergic to vinyl or latex.

After your massage I will step out and close the door leaving you to redress.  Please take your time getting up post massage, as many people experience blood pressure shifts that can be dramatic and affect your balance.

It is important to drink water (twice as much as usual at least) after a massage and to stretch while you are loose and warmed up.  

Please call me or text if you experience any unusual symptoms following your massage.